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Imaging Services


Putting You on the Road to Recovery with Imaging Technology

At Gordon Hospital, we know that accurate diagnosis can be the first step to effective treatment of everything from minor bone fractures to heart disease and cancer. Our radiology department utilizes today’s most advanced imaging technology to pinpoint your health issues and help your physician determine appropriate treatment for you.

New Technology for Accurate Diagnostics

Equipped with everything from high definition MRI to sophisticated second-read mammography and stereotactic breast biopsy capabilities, the newly expanded, all-digital radiology department at Gordon Hospital is home to today’s most advanced imaging technology.

For you, this means that you benefit from the best technology available for diagnostic needs. This critical information helps your physician determine the best treatment options — or confirm you do not have anything to worry about.

Radiology touches many aspects of patient care beyond diagnostics. Some of the services offered include ultrasonography, bone density screening, echocardiography, PET/CT or computerized tomography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear imaging, mammography, stereotactic breast biopsy, diagnostic and interventional radiology.

CT Scanner

Gordon Hospital's CT scanner produces nearly 1,000 images in a full body scan. Each of these images is a “slice” that can be analyzed from every angle for diagnostics. Our physicians use this technology to detect early disease as well as to analyze skeletal injuries and much more. And, while older technology takes an hour for a full-body scan, our scanner does the job in just 23 seconds, a single breath hold. This is particularly important for children who can easily stay still for the entire scan without sedation.

Women’s Diagnostic Center

Gordon Hospital's radiology department was the first in the area to be recognized as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology. In addition to the excellent quality of our tests, the Women’s Diagnostic Center at Gordon Hospital provides women with a caring environment for all their diagnostic procedures —digital mammograms,breast MRI, bone density screening and stereotactic breast biopsy. Our mammography system utilizes a computer-aided detection checker that reviews images and provides a “second read” to double check images for the radiologist. This helps reduce the number of false positives while also providing great accuracy in assessing any suspicious mass. Gordon Hospital is one of the few hospitals in the area offering this technology.


We work with your physician to make your visit to our radiology unit as fast and pleasant as possible. To do this, we have your doctor schedule your appointment and provide us with the clinical paperwork and insurance information we need to pre-certify you for the specific procedure. When you arrive, you can sit back and relax while we take the images your physician needs to help you.

Up-to-the-Minute Training

Gordon Hospital imaging technologists continually train to attain the advanced certifications needed to administer the latest imaging technology. The mammography unit has the highest accreditation attainable and is fully accredited by the American College of Radiology and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Ask Your Physician

Your physician is familiar with the many imaging resources at Gordon Hospital. Whether you need a routine mammogram or have a health concern that requires CT or MRI technology, we’re here to help your physician identify possible problems and move forward with appropriate treatment.