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Gordon Urgent Care

Care That’s Nearby

Convenient, cost-effective and fast, your nearby Gordon Urgent Care Center has the staff and experience needed to give you immediate care for the urgent — but non-life-threatening — medical conditions that crop up at home or on the job.

A bad cut that may need stitches. A migraine headache. A severe sunburn. Medical conditions like these require immediate care, but they usually do not merit a trip to the emergency room. When you or a family member needs immediate care, there’s no better place to turn than Gordon Urgent Care.  Located in Calhoun, the center offers you a broad range of medical services and extended weekday and weekend hours. And during flu season, Gordon Urgent Care can help you protect your family with a flu shot. The shot is just $25, and no appointment is necessary.

Gordon Hospital
1035 Red Bud Rd
Calhoun, GA 30701
(706) 629-2895